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How to get to Aalto University in Otaniemi campus, Espoo

Otaniemi in Espoo, is located around 10 km from Helsinki's city centre, and it can be easily reached by public transport. Please see the Google map of the area or the static campus map.

By metro (Stop: Aalto University)

The extension of the metro line to Aalto University from the centre of Helsinki opened on 18 November 2017. Buy the metro ticket beforehand (regional ticket, €5.50 from the ticket machines, or €5.00 €2.90 with the Helsinki Region Transport (HSL) mobile app; reduced price on the metro for 18 Nov - 3 Dec 2018!). The metro stops in Helsinki, e.g., at the railway station and the Kamppi bus station. At the Aalto University metro station exit by the Otaniementie/Otnäsvägen entrance when going to Dipoli or Design Factory for the Cluster events.

Walking directions from the metro station (see map)

Design Factory (at Betonimiehenkuja 5C, 600 m): Exit the metro station towards Otaniementie and follow Otaniementie (for 350 m): Pass the taxi stand in front of the station and the Heikki Herlin Learning Centre (Kirjasto/Bibliotek) on the left. At the junction with Vuorimiehentie (Bergmansvägen), continue on Otaniementie and at the next junction turn right into Lämpömiehenkuja (Värmemansgränd).

Follow Lämpömiehenkuja for 250 m (it turns slightly left at the next junction). Design Factory is at the end of Lämpömiehenkuja, the entrance a little bit to the left of Lämpömiehenkuja on Betonimiehenkuja 5C. The building is a red brick building.

Dipoli (at Otakaari 24, 400 m): Exit the metro station towards Otaniementie and follow Otaniementie for 100 m. Pass the taxi stand in front of the station and the Heikki Herlin Learning Centre (Kirjasto/Bibliotek) on the left, but then immediately turn left towards the green grass field and a pharmacy (Apteekki/Apotek) in a low building at the back. Head for the stairs left of the pharmacy (Apteekki) between two buildings, climb the stairs, at the top of the stairs you will see Dipoli in front of you. Cross the street Otakaari (Otsvängen), climb the wooden stairs up to the parking lot and head straight for the Cone entrance behind the huge statue of a cone (or the events entrance on the right side of the building). Dipoli is a dark, edgy-shaped and quite large building.

Note. The grass field may be white if there is snow. You exit the metro station more or less on a building site (new university buildings rising behind the station), it's muddy and slushy, and probably very dark, as the station just opened and there are few lights. Watch out for cars. And watch out also for cyclists that are allowed to bike on the pavements. 

Walking directions from Radisson Blu Espoo

Design factory (at Betonimiehenkuja 5C, 500 m): Exit the hotel by the main door out into the street, follow the street Otaranta (Otstranden) to the right, cross Otaniementie (Otnäsvägen) at the pedestrian crossing, continue on the walking path, and the Design Factory is on the left at Betonimiehentie 5C.

Dipoli (at Otakaari 24, 400 m): Exit the hotel by the main door out into the street, follow the street Otaranta (Otstranden) to the left, take the first street to the left, Luolamiehentie (Grottmannavägen), and walk up the hill, passing the Unisport gym on the left. Dipoli is on top of the hill and you can enter by the Event entrance (Juhlaovi).

By bus

Helsinki Region Transport (HSL) has many bus routes between Helsinki and Otaniemi. Please, visit HSL website for detailed timetables. Direct buses between Helsinki and Otaniemi are, e.g.,  numbers 102 and 103 (and their slower versions 102T and 103T). And they leave from Kamppi bus station in Helsinki.

The journey from Helsinki takes some 10–25 minutes depending on the chosen route and traffic. Single tickets can be bought beforehand from ticket machines or from the driver (regional ticket, 5.50 €, allowing you to travel between the cities i.e. from Helsinki to Otaniemi in Espoo, or €5.00 if you use the HSL app).

Some stops in Otaniemi (see map):

  • Alvar Aalto Park (Alvar Aallon puisto; when going to the symposium venue Dipoli)
  • Otakallio (when going to the Design Factory and Hotel Radisson Blu)

From the airport

Otaniemi is approximately 22 km away from the Helsinki-Vantaa airport. (

  • the taxi fare from the airport is around 40 euros
  • public transport from the airport takes around one hour (regional ticket, €5.50, train with change (to metro or bus) in Helsinki; the Finnair bus directly to the centre of Helsinki is a little more expensive)

Aalto University

Aalto University is located at several campuses (Otaniemi, Töölö, Arabia, ...), but the main activities are in or will be concentrated to Otaniemi campus in Espoo.


The main symposium venue on 28 and 29 November 2017 is Dipoli at Otakaari 24, Espoo. Dipoli is the main building of Aalto University, housing among others, the open-plan offices of the management of the university, several restaurants and conference halls. It was designed by architects Reima and Raili Pietilä and completed in 1966. During 2015-17 it underwent a complete renovation restoring it to the original state. It has 500 windows, out of which only four are identical. Rumour also has it that it has 52 outer doors.

Design Factory

Design Factory at Betonimiehenkuja 5C is the venue for the first day's workshops on 27 November (different venues). It was born from a research project focused on creating an ideal physical and mental working environment for product developers and researchers. Today its activities have spread around the globe. Design Factory Global Network members operate based on the same philosophy and principles and provide a familiar DF-environment for their local community in 10 sister factories on five continents. Together with the student-led Startup Sauna and Aalto Entrepreneurship Society as well as the Aalto Ventures Program and A Grid it is a significant part of the Aalto Entrepreneurial Ecosystem.

Other buildings in Otaniemi (not Cluster venues)

The Undergraduate Centre at Otakaari 1, close to Dipoli, is the centre for the undergraduate teaching at Aalto. It was designed by architect Alvar Aalto and completed in 1965 (and later extended) as the main building of one of Aalto's predecessor universities (the university of technology). The Centre is considered part of the Finnish built heritage, as is, as well, the Aalto-designed Harald Herlin Learning Centre located beside the Undergraduate Centre. Both buildings were renovated in 2011-2013 and are worth visiting.

For more information about the buildings in Otaniemi, please see

EMMA at WeeGee

The Espoo Museum of Modern Art (EMMA) is the venue of the dinner on Tuesday 28 November. It is located in the WeeGee building together with some other museums at Ahertajantie 5 (Flitarvägen 5) in Espoo. The WeeGee building is the former printing house of the Weilin&Göös publishing house but has since been transformed into the largest exhibition centre in Finland, which opened in 2006. We will go by bus from Dipoli to EMMA and also return by bus after the dinner to Radisson Blu and the centre of Helsinki. But if you need to come or go on your own you can use the new metro line to the stop Tapiola (Hagalund). The museum is located about 600 m from the metro station.

SLUSH 2017 at Messukeskus Expo and Convention Centre

SLUSH 2017 is held at the Messukeskus Expo and Convention Centre in Helsinki at Messuaukio 1 (Mässplatsen 1). We will arrange a bus from Radisson Bu in Espoo on Thursday morning to SLUSH and also return back by bus to Radisson Blu in the afternoon. If you need to come on your own, please use public transport as traffic may be intense during the SLUSH days. For more information, please see the SLUSH web pages.

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