Pre-booked hotel rooms are available for booking until 13 November 2017. Please reserve your room in time though, as there may be a rush in bookings in November due to Slush 2017. The accommodation is at your own expense.


The Aalto Otaniemi campus is in the city of ESPOO, which is part of the metropolitan area of HELSINKI. ESPOO is not a typical city area, it is more residential.  Therefore there are only a few hotels near our campus:

Larger hotels in Espoo

On campus:

Some 1,5 km from campus:

Other hotels in Espoo



Some hotels in Helsinki

There are many hotels all across Helsinki, but it is best to be close to Kamppi, which is the central bus station and metro station or the Central railway station

There are busses to Otaniemi which take some 15 minutes and we hope that our new metro will be running by then (it has a stop at Aalto University and it connects Otaniemi and the Aalto campus to Ruoholahti (Holiday Inn is at Ruoholahti, Kamppi and the Central Railway station, and cutting through Helsinki city towards the east ).

If you get a hotel in Helsinki, look for a central location. Some suggestions

Other hotels in Helsinki

Please see and

Transport from the hotels to the Cluster Symposium

Please note that there is no pickup from the hotels to the Symposium, but transport should be easy. Please see the visitor's guide.

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